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Business Development


Egged Europe – Business Development

The rapid growth of Egged Europe – within 5 years, 1800 buses have been put into service, operating in hundreds of city and intercity lines – brought about the establishment of its standing as a significant contender in the field of public transport in the countries in which it operates. At the same time, the accelerated process of business development of Egged Europe constitutes a particularly attractive focus in the international business community looking to execute joint ventures, mergers, and, mainly, investments that produce dividends. The business development of Egged Europe is being accomplished through three core  approaches:

1. Expanding existing operations  - fulfilling the  potential as yet not achieved in countries where Egged Europe already operates.

2. Penetration of new markets – establishing a beachhead in additional countries, both in West and East Europe

3. Diversified complementary services – extending business operations to related and complementary fields such as fueling services, spare parts and mechanical maintenance, parking, cleaning, and more.


Expansion of Existing Operations

Egged Europe’s flagship operation was in Bulgaria. However, the big breakthrough was in Poland, where Egged Europe won the tender for operation of public transport in large cities and acquired 10 regional public transport companies  from the Polish Ministry of Finance.

The merging of the regional companies into one large company, cancellation of redundant bus lines, removal of old buses from service and massive acquisition of an up-to-date bus fleet, establishment of an advanced system of supervision, control and maintenance  - these are only some of the steps taken by Egged Europe in Poland that established its standing as a leading company providing public transport at the highest level.

The momentum of business development was reinforced by winning of the Amsterdam Municipality tender for the provision of public transportation for part of the transport lines in the city itself and in the towns surrounding Amsterdam to the north. These opening figures constitute a tailwind for expansion of operations to other cities in Poland and Holland by relying on proven successes, both in the field of ongoing operations and the standard of service provided to passengers and, of course, stable financial foundations and close relationships with business partners.

Penetration of New Markets

Egged Europe invests great effort in locating opportunities to plant roots in additional countries throughout Europe. The operating method that has proven itself to date will continue: participation in and winning of municipal authorities tenders, acquisition of companies, re-building of fleets of modern buses, merging  parallel lines, adding lines to improve the service for the passenger, implementing a supervisory, command and tracking satellite system for each and every bus  – all with total transparency, reliance on a stable, financial basis, and or course, all at a competitive price.

Diversified complementary services

It is natural that along with transport services, Egged also aspires to integrate complementary services , into its operations both for the improvement of services to our passengers significant saving of costs and, of course, in order to collaborate with parallel companies while still adhering to a win-win strategy. That is to say both, a good price for the customer and additional profit for Egged Europe. The complementary services are numerous and varied:

* A fueling system and gas stations in the operational space.
* Establishment of a chain of garages for ongoing service and mechanical maintenance
* Establishment of spare parts configuration
* Establishment of parking lots and cleaning services
* Management of real estate  company owned

For more information on the business development of Egged Europe, tenders, mergers, collaboration, and investment opportunities, please contact us

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