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Company Profile

Egged Europe – Company Profile

Egged Europe began operations in 2007. The company is under the full control of Egged Holding which is wholly owned by Egged Cooperative Israel. At present Egged Europe operates in three countries: Bulgaria, Poland and The Netherlands, and it intends to expand its services to additional countries in Europe.

Corporate Headquarters.
Egged Europe  manages and operates public transport and complementary services through subsidiaries registered and operating  in the European countries. The company headquarters and its employees are located in Israel. Here, decision making, business development processes, implementation of business strategy and company policy, implementation of projects, financial management and the control center are all carried out.

Egged Europe in Poland
The main hub of activity is centered at present in Poland through the wholly-owned subsidiary, Mobilis. At the time of its acquisition Mobilis operated only 50 buses. Under the management, operation and control of Egged Europe, Mobilis grew and flourished, and by 2010 already operated a fleet of 500 buses , of which 350 were in Warsaw itself. The trend towards privatization of Polish public transport companies (PKS) owned by the Polish government and municipal authorities and Egged Europe's winning many of the bids, accelerated this development. At present, Egged Europe, through its Mobilis subsidiary, operates 1500 buses on city and intercity lines Poland.

Egged Europe in Holland
In 2010, the public transport services of Egged Europe expanded West Europe by winning a tender to operate public transportation services to greater Amsterdam and municipalities north of the capital. Here, too, the service operates through a wholly-owned Dutch subsidiary , EBS, which serves as the operational arm of Egged Europe in the Netherlands. Only 8 months elapsed between winning the tender and full operation. Egged Europe purchased and equipped 220 buses,  all in compliance with complex and advanced technical specifications.
This expresses the business abilities of Egged Europe.
The concession  is an agreement with the Municipality of Amsterdam for 8 years with an option to extend to 10.

Egged Europe in Bulgaria
Egged Europe wholly owns Rousse Company Ltd., which is registered in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian company Rousse was founded as a partnership with the Rousse town council, which is responsible for public transport in the city and surrounding areas. From the time that Egged Europe acquired the company, 50 articulated buses run on electric energy have been put into operation.

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