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Egged Europe Only Goes Green

Public transport was designed in essence to transport passengers to their desired destination in a timely fashion, safely and comfortably, but not just that! We believe that a high quality and advanced public transport company is also, and no less importantly, an inseparable part of the environment in which we operate and be a part of the community that we serve and is, in two words, “Green Transportion”

Green transportion = a win-win situation
In the past, it seemed that the “green awakening” – protection of the environment, water resources, air pollution, global warming, - forced commercial companies to invest in a field that was not their main concern, mainly due to the high financial investment.
Not s for Egged Europe. We are part of the community, and from our first day we took upon ourselves with pride and love the standards, rules and laws necessary to protect and care for the place where we live and operate. Not only did we take upon ourselves to be part of the green environment, but we also aspire to lead in this area. Therefore, we have adopted a number of ironclad rules that we will never break:

* The buses that we purchase comply with the Euro 5 standard – the most stringent European environmental standard. 
* The buses run on environmentally friendly diesel oil, meaning that the amount of air pollutants released has been cut by 90%.
* The buses are particularly quiet, after all, we provide public transport services in residential areas
* All the buses run regularly and comply with stringent inspection standards
* The buses have low floors for the comfort and safety of the passengers

And the reward did not take long
We quickly saw that the insistence on green buses and compliance with stringent standards that are periodically updated, was valuable in many aspects and that in order to accomplish this in other ways would have required at least as much time and energy.

* First class public image. Yes, the public knows how to appreciate the effort
* Wide open door to tenders of municipal authorities that wish to upgrade the quality of the public transport offered to their residents
* An environment that is more pleasant to live in
* Increasing demand for the services of Egged Europe
* And, of course, a reduction in the use of private transport, thus creating
another contribution to the environment

For more information on the efforts of Egged Europe to “Go Only Green,” please contact us



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