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Key facts

Key facts


Strong backbone

Egged Europe is part of Egged Cooperative Israel, one of the world's largest and most advanced public transportation companies. The umbrella organization – Egged Israel – operates  3000 modern and technologically advanced buses that transport more than a million passengers daily with revenues of 2,5 billion NIS yearly. Egged Israel has 80 years experience in the field of public transport, during which it has built a network of financial relationships, and business partnerships with a variety of companies worldwide including banks, financial institutions, leading bus manufacturers, suppliers of advanced technological services and more. The companies belonging to the Egged Israel cooperative benefit from all these, among them, Egged Europe.

Period of Service and Scope of Operations

Egged Europe has been operating since 2007.

During this time, Egged Europe has won bids to operate public transport lines in Bulgaria, Poland and the Netherlands.
Egged Europe has established subsidiaries in all these countries, with its headquarters In Israel for management and operations, forming long-term business plans, fundraising, acquiring new and advanced buses, recruiting and employing workers, establishing operation systems, maintenance, fueling, preparation of technical specifications. We have successful relationships with all our suppliers, i.e. bus manufacturers,  financial instutions such as the Polish Bank BRE.
The fact that Egged Europe has achieved so much within a five-year period is considered to be extraordinary.

Through its subsidiaries, Egged Europe currently operates 1800 new buses, transports  thousands of passengers on a daily basis and operates hundreds of city and intercity public transport lines.

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