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 Egged Europe in Poland

It is true that the business operation of Egged Europe did not start in Poland but rather in Bulgaria. However, the entry of Egged Europe into Poland (through the subsidiary, Mobilis) signified a significant breakthrough and provided practical proof of its abilities such as:

High speed propulsion – winning and implementing large tenders
Effective operations – operating 1500 buses within a very short time period
Service– Highest service standards at a competitive price
Economic stability - Strong financial backbone, independent and external financing abilities
Extensive business relationships - BRE Bank, bus manufacturers Iveco, Solaris, and others

Characteristics of public transport in Poland

Until fairly recently, public transport in Poland was controlled by the government and municipalities. In the past decade, there was a trend towards privatization and operation of some of the transport companies in cities by private companies (opposed to companies owned by the municipalities). As part of this trend, The Polish Ministry of Finance sold its holdings in the majority of regional companies to private concerns. The sale was executed by a process of tenders, many of which Egged Europe won.

The development of Egged Europe in Poland

Through its subsidiary, Mobilis, which had a fleet of only 50 buses, Egged Europe won the municipal tenders of Warsaw, Krakow, Bydgoszcz and currently operates some 350 buses in the municipal sector. At the same time, the company won tenders for the acquisition of 10 regional companies (PKS) that together operate some 1150 buses. Furthermore, Egged Europe is in the midst of a process of cancellation of overlapping bus lines, opening new lines, renewing and enlarging the bus fleet, all with the highest of standards of service  while adhering to a competitive price despite the vast monetary investment.
Currently, Egged Europe operates 1500 buses in Poland and is considered the largest public transport company in the country. Without a doubt, and by any criteria, it is an impressive business development and an important breakthrough, which constitutes a demonstration of  its abilities and places a ticket of admission to other European countries into the hands of Egged Europe.

(אגד אירופה הולנד... קישור)

For more information on the business development of Egged Europe, tenders, mergers, collaboration, and investment opportunities, please contact us

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