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The Netherlands


Egged Europe in the Netherlands

If the most prominent aspect of Egged Europe’s operations in Poland is its ability to establish an advanced, large scale public transport system, the entry of Egged Europe into Holland demonstrates another wide range of advantages in all matters relating to its headquarters operations, organizational ability, speed of action and response as well as innovation in the level of service, passenger comfort and technological advancement.

In order to present these merits, it is important to note that the prerequisite for winning  the Amsterdam Municipality tender was for bus lines operator be a Dutch company. In order to comply with that prerequisite within 6 months Egged Europe established EBS, a Dutch subsidiary. And from the moment that it won the bid until 220 new buses were put into service, only 8 months passed. What this says about Egged Europe:

Experience and operational backup – Egged Europe is an international branch of Egged Israel, a public transport cooperative that operates over 3000 buses on a daily basis and transports over a million passengers daily  and has had 80 years expertise and experience. 
Financial stability -  The acquisition of 220 buses of the most modern and sophisticated in existence within such a short time is only possible in case of financial strength and financing sources.
Preferred customer - Bus manufacturers operate according to advance orders and long-term production plans. The supply of 220 buses with complex and sophisticated specifications as of Egged Europe/EBS in less than a year is highly unusual and is only provided for preferred customers.
Organizational ability – The establishment of a company headquarters, a management and control center, the collation of transport data and their analysis, creation of a business plan, formation of a transport system…, and the other innumerable tasks that were accomplished in less than a year attest to a well-oiled organizational machine.
Technological advancement – Integration of satellite control in each bus, computerized information center and ticket purchases, WIFI in all buses...these are just some of the examples that testify to the highest of technological abilities.

Operational scope in Holland
The public transport services of Egged Europe in Holland operated via the Dutch subsidiary EBS includes the towns surrounding Amsterdam and municipal authorities north of the capitol. The tender is valid for 8 years with an option to extend it to 10 years. The goal of Egged Europe in Holland is to provide public transport of the highest standard possible that will become a substitute for other modes of transport, especially private ones, along with a commitment to the highest levels of service, safety, convenience, precision and reliability.

Much more than public transport
The speed at which EBS (the Dutch subsidiary of Egged Europe) was established, was executed while still attending to each and every detail of the terms of the tender, and in fact determined a standard of service and comfort that had never been seen in public transport in Holland.

1. A completely new fleet of buses, each equipped with the most advanced engines, adhering to the Euro-5 standard in order to substantially lower the  CO2 emissions.

2. All the buses are equipped with air-conditioning systems, particularly spacious leg-room and comfortable ergonomic seating as always.

3. All the buses are connected to WIFI, allowing passengers to access the internet during the journey and offering the possibility of working on the bus who wish to make use of their time

4. All buses are controlled by an advanced satellite control system that supervises the bus systems (engine, air conditioning, ticketing, etc), accurate location at any given time, speed of travel, timetable for arrival, traffic reports, and a direct and constant connection between the driver and the control center.

For more information on the business development of Egged Europe, tenders, mergers, collaboration, and investment opportunities, please contact us

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