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Vision & Strategy


It is no coincidence that these two concepts appear together. For us, these are not merely words and definitions but rather the pillar of fire by the light of which we operate. Strategy is the pathway, the tools and the means by which the vision will be achieved in practice. We present to you Egged Europe, the vision and strategy:

To offer to the public first-class public transportation with the highest levels of safety, service, comfort, precision, technological progress and attractive prices while protecting the “green environment,” all with the goal of promoting a preference for public transport over other means of transport, especially private transport.

Leveraging the affiliation of Egged Europe with Egged Israel and implementation of the advantages that characterize the Group such as: the momentum of constant development and growth, knowhow, experience and reputation – for the purpose of implementing them in the field of public transport and complementary services that we provide in our operational regions in Europe.

Implementation in practice of the Vision and the Strategy
Acquisition of small public transport companies, merging and operating them on a firm foundation.
* Building established cooperatives and work relationships with banks,  companies, producers and suppliers that already have business relationships with the Egged Israel Group.
* Building an advanced bus fleet while emphasizing comfort and roominess for the passenger, including implementation of technological developments for the welfare of the passengers, such as WIFI connections, computerized public information points and ticketing etc.
* Deployment and operation of an effective, reliable public transport system while allocating means and efforts for protection of the environment (green transport) and integrating into the community
* Expanding the operation of existing companies by winning tenders
* Locating and entering new markets

For more information on the business development of Egged Europe, tenders, mergers, collaborations, and investment opportunities, please contact us

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